There’s an exciting new trend sweeping across Ohio; the state is quickly becoming a significant player in America’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Central to this shift is a company named UpLift.

Leading the Way in Cannabis Dispensaries

This innovative company has been making waves with its series of state-of-the-art marijuana dispensaries in Ohio. Beginning in the east with locations in Williamsburg, Eastwood, Milford and Bethel, and now dispensing in Sardinia and Mulberry, UpLift is leading the trend of accessible, quality cannabis.

Offering a Dispensary Near You

As the demand for medical-grade marijuana increases, accessibility plays a significant role. It’s no longer about finding a dispensary near me – but rather, finding the available options and selecting the best. Those in Sardinia, OH and the surrounding areas can now avail themselves of professional consultations and a broad range of products.

Commitment to Medical Marijuana

Sure, cannabis is recreationally legal in some states, but UpLift’s primary focus is the medical marijuana industry. The dispensaries steer this trend in legality and acceptance towards a refined product range that contains both recreational and medicinal cannabis.

Mulberry Experiences the UpLift Touch

The company’s latest venture sees them opening a new marijuana dispensary in Mulberry, OH. Further evidence of UpLift’s commitment to providing Ohio residents with quality cannabis selections, and an indication of the positive trend circulating in Ohio and beyond.

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