Have you ever wondered why they call it a marijuana dispensary? It sounds way too serious for what it is. It’s like every time you open the door, they’re going to dispense wisdom or prescriptions. Shouldn’t it be a pot shop? Weed store? A baked bakery?

There’s constant fuss about finding a “dispensary near me.” We put GPS coordinates, look at maps, ask Siri, Cortana, Google. You name it, and chances are, we’ve interrogated it! Isn’t it ironic that we are in an era where we can communicate with people on the other side of the Earth instantly, yet struggle to find a place selling legal, high-grade green in the neighborhood? Life, am I right?

Just last week, I took a trip to this cannabis dispensary in San Diego, CA. What an experience. The place was so high-tech I thought I’d walked into an Apple store and half expected someone to try to sell me a weed iMac! The only difference? Instead of Genius Bar, it had a Budtender Bar. It couldn’t get any more Californian if it tried.

And you’d think, it’s only in places like San Diego where you get this premium-grade amenities but no, it’s not just there! Have you heard about the Green Rush in Ukiah, CA? They talk about Silicon Valley, and the gold rush, but frankly, the Ukiah green is what it’s really all about. They might want to consider changing the state motto to “Eureka, I’ve found ganja!”

Heading a little bit more into the desert, Palm Desert, CA to be more specific, I got this image of recliners, palm trees, and white sand. Guess what? They also have a dispensary that’s almost like a desert island oasis where the only treasure is Mary Jane.

Moving on to Riverside, CA. The city of arts and innovation, so they say, where the dispensaries have more art than some museums. Not that I’m complaining. If visiting an art gallery involves green herbs, I’m all in!

Speaking of innovation, have you visited Sorrento Valley, CA? The amazing green amidst the concrete jungle. Or should I be politically correct and call it the “marijuana dispensary”?

Last but not least on my grand dispensary tour, I ended up in Hemet, CA. Most people think Hemet is just a quiet sleepy town. Little did they know, after the sundown, the dispensary’s doors slide open.

I just have to say, these dispensaries aren’t just dispensaries. They’re more like corner stores of the future. Shifting away from just selling products, they are now destinations, experiences. But remember, it’s still a marijuana dispensary – no matter how decked up it is, they are not gonna sell you weed-infused iPhones!

(Disclaimer: Marijuana use should be limited to individuals 21 years or older and is subject to state laws. Always use responsibly.)

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