Whether you’re a team member of a cannabis dispensary, a business owner, or a customer, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a routine that involves only work. We believe in a healthy work-lifestyle balance. That’s why we at Wurk have come up with a guide detailing some fun stuff you can do near your dispensary locations.

Explore Local Food and Drink

If a long day at the dispensary has you feeling peckish, consider sampling some local cuisine. Food and drink establishments surrounding dispensaries often cater to their clientele with delicious, unique bites. So why not try something new? You can check out this guide for exciting food and drink options in your area.

Cannabis-Themed Activities

Many locations have attractions specifically designed for those in the cannabis industry or customers of dispensaries. For instance, some cities offer cannabis-themed cooking classes or yoga sessions. Some even have art classes where you can paint while enjoying your favorite strain. You can find these activities and more in an events calendar for your city.

Local Education Sessions

Take advantage of the continued growth in the cannabis industry by attending local seminars, workshops, or courses that focus on dispensary workforce management and cannabis compliance. This not only serves as a way to increase your knowledge but also as a fantastic networking opportunity. A comprehensive list of these educational events can be found on various online platforms like CannaEvents.

Chill in Nature

Most dispensaries are located in areas with access to the great outdoors. After a day of handling human capital management duties for the dispensary workforce or cannabis payroll, why not unwind with a relaxing hike or picnic in a local park? Or even better, if there’s water nearby, consider a relaxing afternoon of fishing or boating.

Remember, all work and no play can lead to burnout. So go out, have a balanced lifestyle, and most importantly, have fun!

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